Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hiawatha: Villagers

More video from the opera. Quinn's one of the villagers in this one. One the home front Quinn ended up staying home yesterday with the same symptoms that Catherine has. So now he's sick also. They're both showing partial flu symptoms (headache, running fever, stomach ache). Luckily I don't believe there's been any throwing up yet. Ginger's said she's not feeling too good either, so it might be spreading. Ginger's been looking over the CDC website at their guidelines for the flu. They're a lot stricter than I would have thought. They basically say you shouldn't go back to school or work until 24 hours after the symptoms are gone *or* 7 days after the onset of symptoms, which ever is longer. They also imply that since the kids are sick I shouldn't be going in to work either. For now though Ginger and the kids are just hanging out at home all the time playing the Wii when the kids feel up to it (apparently everyone like my new game de Blob).

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