Sunday, April 19, 2009

Opera Setup

Tonight I had to go to the school to help setup the stage for the school's opera the kids are putting on Friday night. There were less of us doing to the setup this year, which means I graduated to finally being allowed to play with the power tools (whirrr whirrr). The funny thing was even though there were less of us this year, it took significantly less time (previous years had taken up to three hours, we were just over an hour and 20 minutes tonight). I guess we've all done it enough now that we know what we're doing. That and one of the guys that was there is a professional contractor who installs cabinets for a living, so he knows a thing or two about woodworking. In case you're interested the opera this year is going to be about Hiawatha. Catherine is in it this year, and Quinn actually has a solo (it's only a couple lines, but he still doesn't know all the words to yet, so that could go either way at this point).

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