Friday, April 24, 2009

Hiawatha Opera

Tonight was the big night. The kids performed their opera based on the story of Hiawatha. They relaxed rules from previous years. Before they used to say no photography or video recording. This year it was just don't use flash photography. So I snapped some pictures when I could, but it was tough getting a good view since this dude's head was right in front of me (and he wasn't a small dude either).

The kids had done a dress rehearsal earlier in the day and I had been there for that. I took some pictures of that also and I suspect those probably turned out somewhat better (because I used the flash occasionally and because all the lights were on so it wasn't as dark). I haven't had a chance to check out those pictures yet, but I have these from the actual performance.

The kids got some extended family to show up for their performance as Grammy and Nana both came to see them. Pop Pop couldn't make it because someone had to stay in Richmond and take care of Ginger's grandmother, luckily they make and sell a DVD of the performance, so I'm sure he'll get to see it eventually (and I have some video from the dress rehearsal that I might try and put up at some point).

Quinn was on stage several times in different roles. His first role was as one of the war chiefs. And after laying down their arms they smoked a peace pipe. Because that's the lesson you want to leave the kids with, smoking is good.

Catherine was one of the creatures. She was a rabbit sans rabbit ears because her ears broke before the performance.

After that Quinn reappeared on stage as one of the villagers. For some reason none of the villagers recognized the fact that one of the former war chiefs were among them.

After that the Catherine and her birds and creature companions made another appearance.

This was from Quinn's two (or three) line solo part. He played the sun. I was told later than he forgot to put on the headband they had made to further reinforce that he was the sun, but I'm not sure he needed it.

And then just like that it was over and all the kids were on stage taking their bows for their performance. Afterward Ginger and the kids headed home while I stuck around and helped with the stage tearing down the stage. Taking it down went even faster than putting it up, but the hardest and longest part was rearranging everything back into the exact positions they had been in prior to us revamping the stage (I've heard the church can get a bit upset unless everything is put back exactly the way it was).

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