Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rain Or Shine

It's time for our church's annual Easter Eggtravaganza. We were going to meet Ken and Amanda there, but before we could go we had to take Emily to the vet. Honestly I was going in expecting pretty bad news, because she was seeming even a bit more sluggish than the night before. But somehow after being at the vet for a bit, she perked back up a bit and was able to walk around the examination room. Which made Ginger and myself look like we had no idea what we were talking about as we continued to say stuff like "Honestly, she wasn't able to even walk earlier." They said she's suffering from high blood pressure, and could have had a stroke. So they sent her home with us and some medicine and we're suppose to monitor her for a few days. After we dropped Emily off at the house we headed over to the church.

Today's even was a rain or shine event, and it was a lot more rain than shine. From everything we heard, having to take Emily to the vet let us miss the worst of the rain (they said it had been pouring at one point). Luckily we got there just in time for the last egg hunt for the 6-8 year olds. And it was only mildly raining at this point.

Quinn continued his yearly winning strategy of ignoring all the eggs at the start and just running to the back of the lot. This seemed to work out pretty well for him. You can see Quinn up above as the lone kid running towards the back.

Catherine initially followed the crowd and just picked up eggs near the start. Eventually she ran out and joined her brother (I don't know whether this was because of coaching from Ginger or something she just decided to do on her own).

Here's the thing though. With the rain it certainly reduced the normal event attendance. And since there were 5,000 eggs per hunt, the number of eggs to kids ratio was pretty large this year. In fact, well before all the eggs had been picked up Quinn told us "I'm done. I'm good to go." And he was, his basket was completely filled to the brim with eggs.

As I said though, since attendance was low, Catherine eventually ended up with as many eggs as Quinn did, it just took her a bit longer to collect that many.

After going through their eggs and extracting all the candy, they tried some of the games, but the weather really wasn't cooperating, so they didn't do that for long. Nor did they use the moon bounce / inflatable slide. And we didn't get to do the pony ride either. Figured all that stuff in the rain just wasn't worth it.

And then just as we were getting ready to call it quits, they opened up the last egg hunt to everyone that was still around. It was suppose to be only for the older kids, but there weren't that many older kids around, so they just made it available to everyone. Catherine used the go to the back first strategy on this one and made out since there were a slew of eggs "hidden" in a tree trunk.

It didn't take Quinn long to realize Catherine was on to something and come over to "help" her out.

Ken and Amanda had left before we got there so Ken could take Amanda to show her the townhouse he was going to be moving into. They had planned on getting back for the last 6-8 egg hunt but had missed that one. Luckily they were back in time for this last one though. Amanda didn't have a basket though, so she was using Ken's camera bag.

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