Monday, April 20, 2009

This Is Us Economizing

So after we talked to our fiance finance guy about our plan to refinance. His advice was we needed to start economizing. I found this amusing since last Friday we had just bought the new Wii game Disney's Dance Dance Revolution. And on Saturday we had bought a new bike for Quinn (which I picked up today and brought home). But still, for the time being we haven't really adjusted our spending habits much at all during the current recession. That's not to say that we live extravagantly, since I really don't think we do (I'm too cheap as anyone that knows me will attest). And considering we don't really spend a lot on a regular basis, Ginger was a tad insulted about being told we need to start economizing.

And speaking of that new bike, when I brought it home tonight it was too late for Quinn to give it a test run, but he was really excited about it. What was amusing was the reason he liked it so much, it was because the bike had a kickstand. That apparently is the pinnacle of bikes.

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wtfree3 said...

You keep a fiance guy on retainer? Isn't Ginger already married? Or is this the latest cultural trend? Maybe this is where you need to start economizing.

OK, I couldn't resist.