Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hiawatha: Birds And Creatures

Much like the previous video, this one is from the dress rehearsal. This time it focuses on Catherine's part as one of the creatures (she was a rabbit and on the far right when they're all up front). It's shorter (under three minutes), but again, probably only interesting to family members (or people in Catherine's fan club).

And today Catherine ended up staying home from school with what appears to be flu like symptoms. I'm wondering if it's that whole swine flu that's been all over the news. I guess this shouldn't be too surprising considering the kids just spent the last week in close proximity with all the kids in the school in rehearsing for the opera. Since Catherine was home though that meant I got to go pick up Quinn from school. As I was bringing him home I told him that Catherine had been allowed to play the Wii some (which she had before getting tired and quitting) and this of course brought out the "That's not fair" response. This seems to be his go to argument these days, the fairness of something. It's hard to argue with it. But there are times where he'll violate the fairness principle himself, so in those cases it's not as hard to argue.

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