Sunday, September 06, 2009

Shutter Up

We had African Children Choir visiting our church today, which meant no Sunday School or kid's church. The odd thing is there appears to be some weird power struggle going on within our church. The pastor sent out an email earlier in the week telling people they could stay after the service to discuss any issues, but then in the service the board gave a statement basically criticizing that action and explaining that it was against some rules or something then put together they own meeting. I don't know what it all means, but I get the feeling someone's not happy about something. I guess we're just not involved enough to know all the intricate details about what's going on.

We went out for lunch, but once we were home Nana played with the kids while Ginger and I did chores. The kids played with the new remote control cars that Nana gave them yesterday. Meanwhile Ginger did some weeding outside while I worked on fixing that shutter that started falling off. The shutter is on the second floor, and I don't own a ladder that would let me get up that high (note: need to buy a ladder). A couple of the nails holding the shutter up had snapped. I was able to get one of the broken pieces out of the mortar, but not the second one. Luckily the one I was able to get out was on the top, so I took a trip to Home Depot, got some mortar in a tube and plugged up as much as I could then reset the shutter and pushed the nails back into the holes (hoping that once the mortar dries it'll hold it there for a while). The other shutter was warped from where the top nail which was suppose to be going through a piece of wood (placed there to hold the shutter slightly away from the brick) had fallen out. The piece of wood had fallen and twisted so it was pressing the shutter much further away from the wall than it should have. Since I have no ladder, I was basically hanging out the window trying to fix this stuff. The good news is I didn't fall, the bad news is I think if this works it'll just be a temporary patch job since that mortar in a can never really seemed to dry and stayed malleable no matter how long it sat.

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wtfree3 said...

The mortar in a can does take a while to dry (which I'm sure you know by now, considering how long ago this happened). But it won't be as strong as the real stuff. I'm surprised they used nails, though. That's part of the problem. Screws should be used when mounting in mortar (and special screws at that).

Also, did you not check with a neighbor for a ladder? That's how I get my tall work done. I'm lucky that I have a couple of neighbors who are handy who have the 20+ foot ladder.