Thursday, September 03, 2009


I bought a PS3 today. It was somewhat against the wishes of Ginger who didn't think we needed one. And to a large degree she's right, we don't. However, there was a deal online that I couldn't pass up. In the previous months before Sony released the PS3 Slim the price of the PS3 was higher, and there was a deal online that showed up every so often that allowed you to buy the PS3 and basically get $300 off the price. It does require you to use a Sony credit card, and it's dependent on you buying the PS3 through their Sony Style website (which gets you a credit of $100) and then charging a total of $3000 dollars on the credit card within 6 months (which results in you getting another $200 worth of credit). So that's effectively like getting $300 back on $3300, which is way better than any other credit card refund offer I've seen. So with the price of the new Slims having dropped to $300 and then offer coming back online I felt like I couldn't not buy it. I mean it's basically free at that point. Ok, minus the part about having to charge $3000 dollar in six months it's free, but really, we sometimes shop at Whole Foods, charging that much over six month isn't that difficult (the hardest part is going to be convincing Ginger not to be embarrassed about to use a Sony Playstation card to buy things).

Plus, it's a Blu-ray player, and those are expensive all by themselves, much less one that comes with a game system. So getting all that for next to nothing makes me think that particular offer going live again must have been a mistake or something, because it wasn't live for that long before they took it down. It's since been replaced with the much inferior get $100 off offer (and all you have to do is get the credit card and use it at Sony Style to get the PS3). Which I suppose isn't a terrible deal, but it's nowhere near as good as the deal I managed to snag.

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