Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little Small World

Ginger and the kids returned home today. Of course I was playing the PS3 when they arrived, so they were very interested in being able to play themselves. The kids have decided they really like the Little Big Planet game (or "Little Small World" as Catherine was referring to it for a while).

Now we have to get more controllers so we can all play. The problem there is that while I managed to get the system itself for "free", the accessories are going to bankrupt me. The controllers are $55 apiece. Now I admit that a Wii controller and Nunchuk will actually run you more than that, and the Wii is well known as a money sink hole on accessories, but I didn't realize the problem was so cross platform.

The problem is that online I can get the controllers for $42, if it was only a matter of $5 or less, I would go ahead and get them at a brick and mortar store, but $12 less is significant, especially since we're going to have to buy two so the kids can play Little Big Planet co-op with me (Ginger has said she refuses to play the system because the controller is just unnatural to her).

The other somewhat interesting thing that happened to today was Catherine reasoned out the truth about Santa Claus. It was extremely odd, she was taking her shower, and then just started explaining to us how it was impossible for Santa Claus to do everything he's suppose to be able to do. Honestly I was a bit taken aback. First off, why's she already thinking about Santa Claus and Christmas? Does she just have presents on the brain? Or is does she really plan that far ahead as to what she wants and how to get it? What exactly does she want that prompted this line of thought. Second, she came to the realization all by herself. I remember Quinn questioning things before we told him, but this wasn't her questioning it so much as this was her flat out stating that can't be. From an objective point of view I can't help but be a bit impressed at her logical reasoning and deductive process (especially considering I remember being much older than her before I realized the truth), but at the same time it's kind of sad that she's already grown up past that stage now.


gaz said...

j&e have been badgering me for a ps3 for a while now and you've echoed what i told them. that there aren't that many 'kids' games for it really. i've not really been into fps games since i played medal of honor; frontline on the pc a few years back. i'm more of a racing fan myself.

gaz said...

dude where are you - and without wanting this to sound too weird... i miss you!
hope everything's ok...

rastreator said...

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