Friday, September 04, 2009

Family Bike Ride

All of us (including Nana who is up visiting) went bike riding tonight. It was a challenge since everyone in the group rides at a different pace. It meant Quinn would zoom ahead (which meant one of the adults had to keep up with him), and then they would have to wait on the rest of us to catch up.

For the first time I decided to take a good camera with me on the ride. But I didn't feel comfortable taking my D200 (it's pretty heavy), so I took my older D70 (which is really Ginger's camera now). Not sure I'll do that again. First off it's hard to take a picture while you're riding your bike (something about needing to look where you're going). And second it meant I only had one hand to steer with at any given time. And while I seemed competent enough one handed (no jokes) I was always paranoid I was going to fall or crash and destroy the camera.

And sadly once we got back home I noticed a small problem with one of the shutters on the house. Can't say I'm looking forward to fixing that since we don't have a ladder that tall (at least we don't have one yet anyway).

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