Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Good To Be The King

So I mentioned to some of my co-workers that I had purchased a PS3 and now I have a ton of games for it. I've had multiple people let me borrow games now. Some of the people are people that work for me, so I'm a bit concerned that they're feeling obligated to let me borrow them, but since I didn't ask or suggest it and they volunteered, I'm hoping that's not the case. Still, I only let it bother me a bit because games for the PS3 system are crazy expensive. It feels odd having seven games to choose from already. In fact, it's almost too much. How do you pick just one. I started by playing Valve's Orange Box Half Life collection. I had never gotten Portal back when it came out and had always wanted to try it. It's a really good game, but I personally think it would be more playable (for me anyway) on a PC. I say this as someone that's played a lot of FPS games on the computer. Using a controller just feels weird, and I can't seem to get used to the movement sensitivity (which I believe is a lot easier to control with a mouse). I also briefly tried playing some of Assassin's Creed. Did I mention most of the games people let me borrow were older games back from when the PS3 first came out. Anyway, I have to admit, Assassin's Creed is stunning. I knew there was a huge difference between the graphics of the Wii and PS3 / XBox, but this is just crazy gorgeous. So far the PS3 isn't what I would call a kid friendly system. But it does have Little Big Planet, which is adorable and the kids really like it.

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